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Trupp Cooking School to ….Trupp The Chefs Table!

From bankruptcy to a new beginnings & allowing true talent to shine!

Trupp Cooking School was set up in Oct 2011 when Walter and nutritionist wife Dorota Trupp were still together. By early 2014, they separated later divorcing, with Trupp Cooking School being drained of all financial viability. Trupp Cooking School as it was then known was filed for bankruptcy.

It was certainly a challenging time. It was also a relief as this allowed Walter and Anna a new beginning with Walters excellence in cooking and Anna’s experience and qualifications in Business hospitality management coming together.

Now well out of bankruptcy, COVID and approaching a New Year 2023, it’s time to celebrate a New Year! Going through a bankruptcy process is exhausting and then you have the climb back up. But true talent never fails.

Walter’s cooking talent is the success of Trupp The Chefs Table. Since that challenging time, Walter has gone from having 5 google reviews to 90+ 🙂

So that’s a little about from there to now and the real success of Trupp The Chefs Table today!

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