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Shelley Henley

I have attended a four-five hour class, and another three hour class here for hands on french cooking and also pie making. It was a wonderful time. I learned so much and Walter Trupp is a very skilled and informative but laid back teacher. Everything was provided including aprons, but make sure you wear comfortable protective shoes. Thr first class I attended we were a small class of about eight, and we worked in pairs, each pair making two or three absolutely delicious dishes which we eventually plated and transferred to the adjacent dining room, where we all took a deep breath before diving in and becoming gluttons. (Note to self .. next time bring some takeaway containers with me). It was all totally delicious and I have since used a number of the recipes again to great acclaim from my recipient friends. The second class had nine students and we made a heck of a lot of different pastries and pies. Including homemade filo pastry; and we learned how to blind bake; and the flavours ran the gamut from seafood and potatoe in a classic fish pie, to Moroccan fruity and spicy, to chicken, quiche lorraine, and a vegetarian asian pie. Ending with chocolate orange and date pie. Highly recommended.

Shelley Henley

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