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Thoroughly recommend classes with chef Walter Trupp. he has perfected the experience of learning to cook into a wonderfully enjoyable, educational and delicious enterprise. The classes are well thought out and using only the best fresh ingredients, all dishes are created from the fully equipped state of the art chef’s kitchen, and thoroughly enjoyed in the delightfully social setting of dining around a table together with your classmates over a glass of wine. Each pair cooks a dish at a time, surmounting in an impressive array of flavours and courses to taste at the end of class when all the dishes are brought together. Chef Trupp takes good care of his students and is always looking out to make one’s experience all the more fulfilling through his teaching and accommodating approach. I really appreciate the opportunity to have experienced the Beginners classes as well as a class that is more specialised, Signature Dishes, having learnt many new skills in both and had a great time. If I were to have remained local to the area, I would have gone to many,many more of the classes. Wonderful fun and absolutely delicious – can only recommend!


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