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Roast Lamb Rack With Forgotten Vegetables & Dried Fruit Condiment

Roast lamb rack with forgotten vegetables and dried fruit condiment



This recipe of Walters is good for Autumn time using seasonal vegetables like Jeruslam Architchoke and fennel to accompany a roasted rack of lamb. The  dried fruit condiment adds a delicate sweetness and chewiness to compliment this fabulous dish.


Ingredients for the lamb

1 lamb rack fat cap on

1 orange

6 chestnuts

100ml veal jus

Few tablespoons of duck fat

4 garlic cloves

1 fennel bulb

Greens of the fennel

1 tablespoon of duck fat

1-cup light chicken stock

2 artichokes

2-3 Jerusalem artichokes.

Juice of 1 lemon

A few oyster mushrooms

A few button mushrooms

A few soaked sultanas

A few sundried tomatoes


Ingredients for the dried fruit condiment

2 anchovy fillets

10 sultanas, soaked overnight

8 almonds, soaked overnight

2 dried apricots

4 garlic cloves

3 tablespoons of butter

1 teaspoon of caster sugar

2 slices of white bread cut into small dice

Little sherry vinegar

Little oregano chopped

2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs

Few parsley or oregano leafs for garnish


Method lamb

  1. Take the fat cap of the meat and set aside.
  2. Remove the meat from the bone.
  3. Trim all the fat of the meat and set aside (all the trimmings you can use for a lamb stock.
  4. The fat season with some salt and place it onto a baking tray, which you lined with baking paper.
  5. Cover with baking paper and place a heavy pot onto the top.
  6. Place into a 200-degree hot oven and bake for 1 hour.
  7. Remove the pot and check the color of the fat, if you are happy with it chills it to room temperature.
  8. In-between zest the orange and juice it.
  9. Bring the chicken stock orange juice orange zest and veal stock to the boil and cook to a sauce consistency.
  10. In-between prepare the vegetable garnish.
  11. Place the garlic unpeeled into a sauce pan, cover with the duck fat and place into the oven with the cooking back fat cook for 45 minutes.
  12. Peel the chestnuts by tearing the first layer of skin off. Bring some water to the boil and plunge the chestnuts into it and cook for 3-5 minutes remove one by one and peel them quickly.
  13. Trim and cut the fennel into little wedges.
  14. Clean and trim the mushrooms.
  15. Clean peel and trim the artichokes and rub the with the lemon juice.
  16. Peel the Jerusalem artichokes.
  17. 20 minutes before you serve the dish you start cooking the vegetable garnish by heating the duck fat at a moderate heat.
  18. Add the chestnuts and Jerusalem artichokes and cook for approx. five minutes on a low heat.
  19. Next you add the artichokes that you cut into quarters just before adding.
  20. Cook for another five minutes and cover the pot with a lid.
  21. Remove the lid and increase the heat add oregano mushrooms and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  22. Finish the mixture of by adding the sultanas and sundried tomatoes.
  23. To cook the lamb you remove some of the duck fat of the lamb and heat it in a heavy pan. Cook the lamb on both sides and rest it for a few minutes it still should be perfectly medium rare.
  24. Season with salt and pepper.


Method dried fruit condiment

  1. Cut the apricots into strips
  2. Peel and quarter the garlic cloves
  3. Heat the butter in a saucepan (Moderate heat).
  4. Add the garlic and oregano cover with a lid and cook for a few minutes.
  5. Sprinkle with sugar and cook for another 2 minutes without burning and remove to a plate.
  6. Remove the crust of the bread and cut the bread into little croutons. Place into the pan and toast in the remaining butter.
  7. Chop the almonds roughly.
  8. Separately mix all the ingredients for the condiment and add the croutons and breadcrumbs last.


To serve

  • Assure that all the ingredients are ready at the same time.
  • Arrange the vegetables nicely onto a plate and garnish with some parsley/oregano leafs.
  • Cut the lamb into thick slices and arrange onto the top and glace the meat with syrup like sauce.
  • Garnish with the lamb fat (which you reheat for a few seconds in the oven).
  • Serve the condiment on the side.


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