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Food Art and Raw Talent by Anna Jane Trupp

Raw Talent- Walter Trupp

When it comes to cooking, my husband Walter Trupp is pure and raw talent!

Some may claim they have made you successful or even pushed you up a hill, before you reach your full potential. Raw talent and human potential belong to its source and that comes from inside a person that no other person can take credit for.

Does the wife cook? Not much anymore…..Anna Jane Trupp

When we met in 2015, I cooked first and I could almost say it was the last! A story shared often today with a giggle over my then microwave pots and tub of toxic margarine….! I had cooked my whole adult life ….to this point.

Walter exudes knowledge and a talent so raw for cooking I can only gasp at and enjoy by my own palate and have continued to witness since as his wife and now business partner.

Writing recipes like a symphony- Walter Trupp

Raw talent is exactly that and starts with the fundamentals. Walter not only cooks, he writes recipes like a symphony, perfectly timing any requested event with a repertoire of food delivery presented in the finest artistic way possible, and he makes it look easy!

Artist – Anna Jane Wilson (Trupp)

Whilst Walters talent is food art, my passion is actual art; painting, writing and the exploration of human potential. Fortunately our talents compliment and don’t compete 🙂 As a published author, my pen name is Anna Jane Wilson

Trupp the Chefs Table | Food Art and Raw Talent by Anna Jane Trupp

What next? Cook with Trupp Online and Leap of Faith wellness

Since the start of COVID in March 2022, Walter and I are focusing on creating his online presence with hundreds of chefs-eye videos and recipes personally written and filmed by Walter, the latter a skill he learnt during lockdown. I have assisted in the putting together the new website, and that was a big task! Check out the new website here: COOKWITHTRUPPONLINE.COM

I have managed to paint some art pieces during lockdown, not much and you can take a peek on my own website at www.leapoffaithwellness.com.au In the second part of this year, I plan to take some time out from Trupp The Chefs Table and write a bit more

So that’s a little story about us and our own journeys in nurturing raw talent and striving to make its mark and hopefully a positive difference in todays world of commerce !

Yours truly

Anna Jane Trupp

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Trupp the Chefs Table | Food Art and Raw Talent by Anna Jane Trupp
April , 2024
Trupp the Chefs Table | Food Art and Raw Talent by Anna Jane Trupp