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Cooking Tuna Steaks with Crusts

Hang up the boring fried fish and learn how to make your next Tuna steak explode with flavour with this weeks chefs eye view video to view here

Chef Walter Trupp is taking you through some of the most important tips and tricks to perfectly crumb and cook your Tuna Steaks for your next family dinner, or to bring to your next dinner party.

Enjoy all the fantastic fish facts too throughout the video as you learn all about the kinds of fish you can prepare with this recipe.

The idea is to be creative with your Tuna Steak, if you follow along, you will learn some great basics to build off of, to make this recipe your own. If you’re wanting to learn more about preparing the perfect crunchy Tuna, or if you’re wanting to learn all the best tips for cooking fish, be sure to check out our online cooking courses at https://cookwithtrupponline.com

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