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Best Range of Cooking Classes 


We have so many different cooking courses both online and hands-on on offer throughout the year. There is always something new to learn and discover. With our new online cooking school, you can invest in your health with online cooking in the comfort of your home. Easy, affordable, and fun cooking!

Hands-on classes are interactive and full of cooking techniques, tricks, and tips, as well as nutritional education. There are plenty of laughs, fun, delicious food, and a chance to meet new people while learning how to cook wonderful new dishes for family and friends. Classes run either weekdays 6pm-9pm or on the weekend 9 am to 1pm, 2pm or 2.30pm depending on the class content & if a sit-down lunch is part of the course. Whichever class you choose you will leave here with a new skill set and a booklet of beautiful recipes that you will know how to confidently prepare in your own home kitchen.

Read on for our full range of available cooking classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in each session?

Each class includes all ingredients required to make meals, and we also supply beverages to enjoy while we consume what we made. The school also provides knives, all cooking equipment and Electrolux aprons.

What should I wear to my cooking class?

For the ‘Hands On’ sessions only, you should wear full-length pants/jeans and shoes that cover your feet to protect them against accidental spills and cuts. Aprons & professional chef jackets are provided to each student* *Aprons & jackets remain the property of Trupp Cooking School.

What if I can’t make it to each of the classes in the course that I buy?

We understand that sometimes it difficult to commit to 6 weeks of Saturday’s in a row, so our courses are flexible where you can join another group to complete the session you may have missed. However, due to catering and planning of class sizes we require at least 72 hours notice to accommodate changes to participation.

Can I get an accreditation or use this training to enrol into a culinary college?

Trupp Cooking School is designed for home cooks only and is not an accredited professional college of training.

How do I book and pay for a course?

Under each class description you’ll see a link to book directly on line. Payment can be made via our secure payment system.

Are these courses designed for professionals?

The courses available at Trupp Cooking School have been specially designed for home cook enthusiasts and foodies.

For a corporate cooking class how many people can the school fit in the space?

The kitchen can comfortably fit any numbers of 10 to 30 people for a corporate event.

If I attend the nutritional courses will I get any nutritional certification?

No, the courses are designed to give you the best nutritional advice which you can use for your own health and the health of your friends and family. We also provide some additional recommended reading for those of you that are really enthusiastic and want to learn more.

At the completion of a course what do we get to take home?

We provide recipe notes for each class and if you have taken one of the nutritional classes we also provide nutritional notes. And we can guarantee you will always leave with a full belly, a smile on your face and a desire to cook better food at home for your family and friends.

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May , 2022