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Pasta Perfection

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Hands on evening class 6-9pm

Homemade pasta is hardly ever perfected because of the amount of misinformation, misconceptions, and misunderstanding in the open market place.

All good pasta is never made from flour as we know it and every Italian chef will confirm this. In this session you will learn all the wisdom of pasta making, what flour is used and when and how to source them, sauce absorption, methods and what pasta shape is best for which sauce, how to make it and store it.

Make your own spaghetti, fettuccine, pappardelle, and lasagna sheets and flavor your doughs in different ways before learning how to make filled pasta like ravioli, tortellini and Ancelotti. The session concludes with learning how to make a perfect basic risotto which will be the foundation to any risotto you may make while all additionally, uncovering all polenta secrets!


Pasta Perfection $165 Hands on evening class 6-9pm

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April , 2024