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All- Access Chef @ Home Online Subscription


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All- Access Monthly Subscriptions providing access to over 17 online cooking classes including Fish, Curries, Chicken, Pasta, Fish, Breakfast, Quinoa, Oysters, Paella, Risotto, Potatoes and more to come adding a further ten courses and live classes by the end of this year!

First 300 sign-ups receive a lifetime 3o% discount- Contact us for discount code

Offering Two subscription levels 

All-Access Chef @ Home Monthly Subscription- Basic Level with Walter Trupp suitable for the beginner & everyday home cook. Priced $19 US Dollars ($29.99 AUD)

All-Access Chef @ Home Monthly Subscription- Advanced Level with Walter Trupp suitable for the home entertainer & aspiring Three Star Chef-Includes basic level. Priced $26 US dollars ($39.99)

Each includes current & upcoming courses & live classes.

Basic Level -Priced $19 US Dollars ($29.99 AUD) includes:

  • Curries from around the world
  • Paella & Risotto
  • Everyday Chicken
  • Potatoes, Grains & Seeds
  • Pasta and Sauces
  • Cook Fish Everyday home cook
  • Wholesome Salads for Everyday
  • Supercharged Breakfasts for all occasions
  • Quinoa Superfood Course
  • Simply Oysters
  • Kale Salads
  • Middle Eastern Moroccan Tagines
  • Desserts
  • Soups
  • Gnocchi & Polenta
  • Slow Cooking
  • Wholegrain Vegetarian
  • Seasonal Vegetables & Herbs
  • Street Foods
  • Stirfry
  • Cooking for beginners for the home cook
  • Everyday Thai
  • Stocks and Sauces for the beginner Part 1 Hollandaise & mayo
  • Stocks and Sauces for the beginner Part 2 Vinaigrettes & Dressings
  • How to Make the perfect Souffles
  • The Best French Tarts


Advanced Level Priced $26 US dollars ($39.99) includes

  • Basic Level plus:
  • Cook Fish like a Three-Star Chef
  • Stocks and Sauces
  • Homemade Pasta Course
  • Filled Pasta


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Keep well, keep safe, and keep cooking …!

“Dedicated to bringing in the chef out in you!”
Walter and Anna Trupp