North African Tagines and classics

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Hands-on evening class 6-9pm

Morocco is called the hot and cold country for its hot days and frosty cold nights. Morocco’s cuisine reflects the region’s climate with rich and beautiful flavors of spices, nuts, and dried fruits.

Moroccan cuisine is very diverse due to Morocco’s interaction with other nations and cultures, its history being the gateway to Europe for the Moors for hundreds of years. In this class, you will cook some Traditional Moroccan recipes found throughout the country from the coastal regions right into the Atlas Mountains such as Pies, Tagines, delectable salads, soups, and sweets.  

The class starts with an in-depth introduction into the world of spice. You will select, store and treat them which is essential to create complex sweet-savory flavors and to justify why Moroccan cooking is often considered one of the world’s greatest.