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Fish Essentials

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Hands-on weekend class

November 25th 9am to 2.30pm – FULL CLASS Contact us for wailtlist 

Prepare yourself with some cooking techniques for preparing tasty fish dishes for the warmer months. Fish is fascinating in that its elegance carries with it the mysticism of the underwater world. Large schools of fish swarm weightless through the ocean in beauty and grace and have been a part of our diet for thousands of years.

Historically fish were salted, cured, dried, and smoked to preserve and make available for storage and consumption until freezing and chilling was later introduced halfway through the last century.

In this session, you learn everything you need to know about freshness, how to choose, store, scale, fillet, and prepare fresh fish. The cooking part contains many different recipes but focuses mainly on teaching you the how’s and why’s about cooking fish. Once you know how to poach, slow cook, sous vide, panfry thick and thin fillets, bake, grill, braise, stew and steam fish, you will be able to apply these learned techniques to any fish recipe and succeed in spectacular fashion. Also, learn about different crusts and crumbs on fish to make this fish class the single most important class you ever need to attend to learn about cooking fish.


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December , 2023