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The Mystery Box Challenge


Duration: 4 hours Time: As requested Category: Share:

Mystery Box Challenge (Hands-on: price per person on application)

In this ultimate group challenge, participants are divided into teams that each receive a box of food and utensils, along with some instructions. Each team must use their collective creativity to plan a meal using the items in their box, and then cook up a storm.

We will assess how well the members of each team work together, right up until your beautifully plated food is presented for consumption in our dining room. There, your creations will be judged and then eaten accompanied by a glass of wine or beer, after which we will reveal the final scores and the winning team, to whom a prize will be awarded.

Note that the choice of dishes can be tailored to your own preferences. Please inform us of food intolerances or other requirements and we will adjust the menu to suit your needs.

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