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Cooking for beginners

$550.00 AUD

Duration: 3 x 3 hour classes Time: 6pm Categories: , Share:

Cooking for beginners 3 x 3hr evening session 6-9pm – limited to 12 people


  • April 2024- Tuesdays 9th, 16th and 30th 


*You will automatically be placed in the next listed available class. If you prefer a later date, please contact us to advise or note on your booking.  

SAVE THE DATE- Please note your 3 x class dates as reminders are not sent for this class so please pop in your diary!

ADDRESS & DIRECTIONS-Click here for address & map. 



Your chef and teacher is Michelin Star Chef Walter Trupp. Walter teaches, recipes are only 50 percent of the story but what makes a recipe tick are techniques!

In these three x 3 hours sessions, you will cover all the essential knowledge you need to run a successful, home kitchen with quick and easy recipes and more importantly, good techniques. You will learn the pillars of successful home cooking including food hygiene, food vocabulary and recipe reading.

This course is ideal for anyone who is a novice in cooking or wishes to upgrade their basic skills and repertoire. Learn how to cook on a budget and pre-prepared meals to plan your week ahead. You will learn how to organize your work lunches, choose fresh seasonal produce and cook up a storm with simple and quick, everyday meals

You will also learn about the equipment and utensils you require, how to sharpen your knife skills and how to organize yourself without spending a fortune in your kitchen.

  • Week 1 covers– utensils, food hygiene, knife skills and 15-minute meals and sides
  • Week 2 covers– wholesome salads, soups, slow cooking, 3 ways of potatoes and 5 ways of cooking fish
  • Week 3 covers– panfrying, steaks, all kinds of veggies and hot and cold desserts

The course also focuses on many nutritional aspects and their beneficial effects on your body.

Cooking for Beginners $550

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April , 2024