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Classic Sauces & Stocks

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Hands-on evening class 6-9pm

“Sauces bring a dish together” They are the bridge to wine and for this reason, French cooking without sauce is like Christmas without a Christmas tree.

Any great chef or cook shows his or her skills when making sauces. In this “French sauce” cooking session, you will learn all you need to cook sauces worthy of Michelin stars. You will learn all the fundamentals about stocks and Jus before we turn them into the most amazing companions to fish and meats. Experience many a classic sauce to make at home as well as Jus, Glaze and Béarnaise

The session also covers hot and cold egg sauces such as hollandaise and mayonnaise (several ways), brown sauces, white sauces, butter sauces, vinaigrettes plus other exotic versions that are made without requiring too much preparation.

“Bon Appetit”

Hands- on Classic Sauces & Stocks evening class 6-9pm

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June , 2023