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Choosing your fish by Walter Trupp



Fish in cooking is unabashedly unique. It is elegant, luxurious and sophisticated like no other ingredient in the kitchen.  It`s a tragedy that it is often so misunderstood by chef’s, home cooks and fishmongers.

Fish is the favorite ingredient of most great chefs because of its elegance and delicate nature, to cook with it is a love affair.

Fish gives chefs so much more variety with its unique and sensitive textures, and it is totally different in its own terms, taking a priority role in most kitchens. I worked in some of the best kitchens in Europe and found that the best chef in a kitchen would oversee cooking fish as well as meats and sauces.

Great chefs would not just simply buy fish they would deal with small fisheries and often fly fish to their restaurant on catch day. The fish would be “pole line” caught, gill tagged with catch date, while shellfish would be hand-dived alive and shipped straight after landing to guarantee top quality and minimal stress.

Perhaps fish caught and shipped like this does cost a fortune, but it does explain the prices charged by great restaurants that go through this length of quality assurance to offer this quality, a quality unknown to the novice.

In my featured class on Fish, Fish Essentials, you will learn everything you need to know about freshness, how to choose, store, scale, fillet and prepare fresh fish.  You will also learn how to poach, slow cook, sous vide, panfry thick and thin fillets, bake, grill, braise, stew and steam fish.

Once you know how to poach, slow cook, sous vide, panfry thick and thin fillets, bake, grill, braise, stew and steam fish, you will be able to apply these learned techniques to any fish recipe and succeed in spectacular fashion!

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“Dedicated to bringing the chef out in you!”

Walter Trupp

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