Trupp the Chefs Table | Souffle Secrets Top Chefs Never Tell You!

Souffle Secrets Top Chefs Never Tell You!

Learn about souffle history & chemistry! The How`s and why`s explained through three different techniques by a Michelin star chef! Once you watched this video you will know everything there is to know about how to successfully cook souffle`s every time! The Art of Souffle! I demystify souffle cooking...

Trupp the Chefs Table | Corporate Cooking & Team Building Events

Corporate Cooking & Team Building Events

Whether it’s team-building activities, corporate and social, hens parties, catering, fine dining, learning to cook, or simply a fun experience, we can help plan your event with three hat Michelin Star International chef Walter Trupp! We provide for corporate functions all year round with selected venues...

Trupp the Chefs Table | Summer Chef at home 16 session cookery course commences Feb 2024

Summer Chef at home 16 session cookery course commences Feb 2024

Commences Feb 2024 - 10% Early Bird Discount Now Applies ( Saving $386) Limited to 12 people- FOR COURSE DATES CLICK HERE The Chef at home cookery course is the ultimate cooking learning tool! We cook and share our knowledge with you in a fun way,...

Tuna Steaks with Crunchy Crusts by Walter Trupp

Cooking Tuna Steaks with Crusts

How to Cook Tuna Steaks with Crusts Hang up the boring fried fish and learn how to make your next Tuna steak explode with flavour with this weeks chefs eye view video to view here Chef Walter Trupp is taking you through some of the most...

Trupp the Chefs Table | The Art of making Soufflé!

The Art of making Soufflé!

With their amazing texture of bubbly hot flavoured air, soufflés consist basically of a thick runny sauce combined with whipped egg white and sugar. In French the word soufflé means puffed up and this happens through hot air expansion in the egg foam when this...

Be everyones favourite chef

Be everyone’s favourite home chef

My husband Walter is everyone’s favourite chef! ( that I know ) I am sure many would love to live in our household for that reason alone. Our Ferrari is our food! We invest in our health with good food and healthy eating every time and...

Smoked Fish Hand Pies by Walter Trupp

Smoked Fish Hand Pies by Walter Trupp

Small fish hand pies or larger pies make a wonderful snack or main meal for the family.  The pies are great hot but are nice cold too.  Once baked they will last in the fridge for up to a week and can be reheated. They...

Slow Cooking by Walter Trupp

Slow Cooking by Walter Trupp

Coming home after a long working day, opening the oven door and pulling out a sensational meal that creates no dirty dishes, makes the best leftovers. It is also cheap and is easily done with the simple method of slow cooking. Slow cooking is braising and...

French Onion Soup

French Onion & Cider Soup

  French Onion Soup is a tradition one can enjoy in any season. Enjoy this recipe as a hearty meal in Winter or in the warmer months on a visit to sunny Europe!   The following recipe serves four people. Preparation Time:       15 minutes Completion Time:       40 minutes Special equipment:    ...

Tarte De Anchovis trupp The Chef's Table

Tarte De Anchovis

    This recipe is a great summer entree which thrives from the quality of the ingredients. Another one of Walters recipes from his Signature Dishes class to share with you today!       Ingredients (2 serves) 40 little white anchovies (the original recipe uses fresh and raw anchovies) 2 medium sized potatoes...

Roast lamb rack with forgotten vegetables and dried fruit condiment

Roast Lamb Rack With Forgotten Vegetables & Dried Fruit Condiment

    This recipe of Walters is good for Autumn time using seasonal vegetables like Jeruslam Architchoke and fennel to accompany a roasted rack of lamb. The  dried fruit condiment adds a delicate sweetness and chewiness to compliment this fabulous dish.   Ingredients for the lamb 1 lamb rack fat cap...

Salmon & Dory Supreme with Cavior veloute

Salmon and Dory Supreme with Caviar Veloute

  This recipe is from Walters class- "Signature Dishes from the best restaurants around the world." Every famous restaurant has its own unique signature dish. All the dishes are designed so you can recreate them in your own home kitchen with ease. Surprise your guests at your...

Mango Coconut Foam Soup

Mango Coconut Foam Soup

  A recipe for the Molecular Gastronomy Class: This mango coconut foam soup is rich, airy and just a bit spicy. Since it’s culinary foam instead of a traditional liquid soup, the texture is different than what many people will expect, which adds a new dimension to...

Creamy Salmon and lemon penne

Creamy salmon and lemon penne

A perfect summer dish! This recipe is a real winner! It is simple, easy and bursts with fresh flavours. You can replace the salmon with any other fish or even smoked salmon (which gives it some real extra flavour). You can also...

Flour less Chocolate soufflé

Flour less Chocolate soufflé

Traditionally French!   This is the most delicious chocolate soufflé! It is very easy to do and does not collapse easily. You can pre-make all the components of the dessert well ahead of time. What you cannot do is the whisking of the egg white, this you...

Ananas rôti à la vanille caramélisée

Ananas rôti à la vanille caramélisée

This is a traditional dessert, which we share with you in one of our best selling 6-hour hands-on Traditional French cooking classes. This dessert is easy to prepare, satisfying your desire for sweetness but also delivering good nutrition; Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and an enzyme called Bromelain....

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup with Baguette, Sage and Cheese

This ultimate version of the bistro classic by Walter Trupp is made with homemade beef broth, caramelized onions and sage. You can cook this dish and many more yummy recipes in The Ultimate French Bistro Cooking Class on the 23 of July from 9 am to 3...

Chicken Satay Skewers

Chicken Satay Skewers

Who loves chicken satay skewers?! If you have travelled in parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and The Philippines, you will be familiar with the delicious simplicity of chicken satay skewers! These South East Asian delights are no doubt eaten by the bucket load by...

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