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How to steam fish

How to steam fish this Good Friday!

Good Friday is associated with eating Fish! Ever wondered how to get the perfectly steamed fish every time? Follow along as Chef Walter Trupp shows in this video on How to Steam Fish the proper additions and temperatures required to get a soft and deliciously delicate...

Tuna Steaks with Crunchy Crusts by Walter Trupp

Cooking Tuna Steaks with Crusts

Hang up the boring fried fish and learn how to make your next Tuna steak explode with flavour with this weeks chefs eye view video to view here Chef Walter Trupp is taking you through some of the most important tips and tricks to perfectly crumb...

Food art Trupp- The Chefs Table cooking school

Food Art and Raw Talent by Anna Jane

Some like to claim they have made you successful or even pushed you up a hill, even before you reach your full potential, taking credit for another's talent, but raw talent and human potential belong to its source and that comes from inside a person....

Chocolate Souffle

The Art of making Soufflé!

With their amazing texture of bubbly hot flavoured air, soufflés consist basically of a thick runny sauce combined with whipped egg white and sugar. In French the word soufflé means puffed up and this happens through hot air expansion in the egg foam when this...

Salmon Wellington Salmon en Croute Trupp Cooking School

Salmon Wellington/ Salmon En Croute

Salmon Wellington/ Salmon En Croute is one of the nicest dinner party dishes you can learn! Prepare your taste buds for a fantastic dish that Chef Walter Trupp loves to bring out on special occasions. Don't be turned off by how difficult it might seem....

Corn salad with queso fresco Walter Trupp Cooking Class

Corn Salad with Queso Fresco

This Mexican salad is accompanying many Latin meals. It has a simple lime dressing that allows the fresh flavours of the ingredients to shine. A tasty and simple salad to make for all Mexican Cuisine lovers! The ingredients corn, onions, coriander, red pepper, and cubes...

Crispy Skin Duck Breast With Raspberry Vinaigrette by Walter Trupp


QUACK! QUACK! Are you ready to get your mouth watering? In todays video -click here, Michelin Star Chef, Walter Trupp, is taking you through how to prepare a delicious Crispy Skin Duck, with a perfectly paired Raspberry Vinaigrette. More often than not, new meats can...

Trupp Cooking Class Potato Gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi

A lot of us are afraid of making their own gnocchi. It often only needs one or two failed attempts to undermine somebody’s gnocchi making confidence forever. Anyhow, you will not experience those downfalls. Choose potatoes, which are suitable for mashing, firmly fleshed potatoes, do not...

Walter Trupp Lemon Tart

Make a Michelin Star Lemon Tart | Tarte Au Citron

From the pastry to the filling to the topping. Chef Walter Trupp shows you a Lemon Tart recipe from when he worked as a head chef at Marco Pierre White's Michelin Star restaurant. In this cooking video click here, get ready for a guide to...

Beetroot, Pumpkin and Roast Tempeh Salad with Sesame Honey Dressing


Everyone loves a salad in the summer months especially one that makes a hearty, healthy and filling meal at the same time. Enjoy this colourful and filling recipe salad of Walters perfect for any social gathering! Check out my hands on cooking class Wholesome Salads...

Salmon Ballotine by Walter Trupp

Salmon Ballotine Three Stars

Using the freshest of ingredients, this Salmon Ballotine is a Michelin Star dish that is sure to impress your dinner party guests, as well as yourself. Watch my video to prepare Salmon Ballotine here all at once, or while you prep your own Salmon...

Three Cheese Pasta Recipe

Three Cheese Pasta Recipe

    This quick and easy pasta sauce is to be used with freshly cooked or reheated pasta. The sauce itself is not great for precooking and reheating. If you use this version for a risotto, omit the butter garlic and cream from this recipe. Just whip...

Delicious mushroom risotto with thyme and parsley garnish

Risotto by Walter Trupp

    Risotto is one of my favourite to go to recipes, its easy, its quick, it allows me to use up my left overs meat or vegetables and it makes an amazing starter, a hearty main course and if you want to you can even turn...

Be everyones favourite chef

Be everyone’s favourite home chef

My husband Walter is everyone’s favourite chef! ( that I know ) I am sure many would love to live in our household for that reason alone. Our Ferrari is our food! We invest in our health with good food and healthy eating every time...

Smoked Fish Hand Pies by Walter Trupp

Smoked Fish Hand Pies by Walter Trupp

Small fish hand pies or larger pies make a wonderful snack or main meal for the family.  The pies are great hot but are nice cold too.  Once baked they will last in the fridge for up to a week and can be reheated. They...

Choosing your fish by Walter Trupp

Choosing your fish by Walter Trupp

  Fish in cooking is unabashedly unique. It is elegant, luxurious and sophisticated like no other ingredient in the kitchen.  It`s a tragedy that it is often so misunderstood by chef's, home cooks and fishmongers. Fish is the favorite ingredient of most great chefs because of its...

Fruit and Veg Trupp The Chef's Table

A note from Walter Trupp on choosing ingredients

  The greatest challenge for the passionate home cook is to obtain top quality produce. Did you ever see a top chef sourcing their ingredients from a supermarket? This would equate to career suicide! The reasons are clear as supermarkets are the worst place to obtain...

Slow Cooking by Walter Trupp

Slow Cooking by Walter Trupp

Coming home after a long working day, opening the oven door and pulling out a sensational meal that creates no dirty dishes, makes the best leftovers. It is also cheap and is easily done with the simple method of slow cooking. Slow cooking is braising and...

French Onion Soup

French Onion & Cider Soup

  French Onion Soup is a tradition one can enjoy in any season. Enjoy this recipe as a hearty meal in Winter or in the warmer months on a visit to sunny Europe!   The following recipe serves four people. Preparation Time:       15 minutes Completion Time:       40 minutes Special...

Tarte De Anchovis trupp The Chef's Table

Tarte De Anchovis

    This recipe is a great summer entree which thrives from the quality of the ingredients. Another one of Walters recipes from his Signature Dishes class to share with you today!       Ingredients (2 serves) 40 little white anchovies (the original recipe uses fresh and raw anchovies) 2 medium sized...

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