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Anna Jane – Trupp

“The exploration of creative potential is a must but needs to be applied in our world of commerce to truly succeed.”

Anna Jane

I am not a chef and rarely cook at my own admittance, not that I need to these days being married to a three hat Michelin star chef and I do not possess the same creative cooking talent of my partner and husband Walter Trupp, but I am blessed with good business acumen complimented with formal studies in Hospitality Management and a 20-year career behind me at management level in various corporate and hospitality management positions for small business.

My first job, in my birth place of England at the age of 15 years was as waitress at the infamous Bettys Café group Harrogate, UK It was not until I had the opportunity to come to Australian at the age of 18 that I considered a career in Hospitality. I worked and gained experience in a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars and functions centres and most notably for the The Rowland Catering Group whilst studying Business Catering Operations as an international student at East Sydney Tafe at the age of 18.

From age 20 to 26, my budding career in Hospitality management took a break after I was unable to remain in Australia and took up the opportunity to travel and work within the industry of fashion modelling landing representation with agencies in London; Uk, Paris; France, Milano; Italy and Barcelona; Spain.

Anna Trupp

Age 26, I returned to Australia and completed a Diploma in Business Hospitality Management with Distinction at Ryde Tafe, Sydney. The next four years landed me two consecutive management positions, first for a 60-seater restaurant at Fergusons Boatshed on Spit Junction Mosman, and upon its successful sale,  I commenced my  position as restaurant and functions manager at Café Birkenhead with 26 staff under my management. Age 30, I moved to Melbourne, and worked for Rivers Restaurant Cruises followed by various corporate positions as a Business Development Manager.

Come 2006, a career change, I purchased my own business, a Wellness Centre off Acland Street, in the tourist spot of busy St Kilda Melbourne, Australia. At its peak, I employed 14 plus staff with five therapy rooms plus a bookshop. Nine years later, I relocated then sold the business in 2015.

My own creative passion today is art and writing and Walters is anything and everything to do with cooking!

I have personally learnt that the exploration of creative potential is a must for one’s personal development but needs to be applied in our world of commerce to truly succeed. Abrahams Maslow’s infamous hierarchy of needs and the path of one’s creative potential has long been ingrained in my psyche since my twenties.  During my career change, I self-published two books, A Leap of Faith (2011) and An Artists Story (2013) in the genre of self-love and loving ones inner child and have a third waiting for release. In 2015 to 2017 I undertook more formal studies in my then chosen field in Psychology and Transpersonal Art Therapy.

anna trupp and walter trupp

When Walter and I met in 2015, Walter exuded a talent for cooking I could only gasp at and enjoy by my own palate. I had hit the jackpot in that regard as a then skinny and somewhat lazy but willing consumer of food! Whilst Walter possessed an impressive array of awards and achievements internationally working amongst and with some of the most notable chefs in the world, I observed this was not translated into his Australian profile or social media presence.

Following an incompatible business partnership and absence in financial management leading to the depletion of then business Trupp Cooking School, in 2018, we  joined forces professionally. Reluctantly at first given I had recently sold a business and embarked on a career change, I do love a challenge and establishing a new business with a partnership of Walters raw creative genius cooking talent and my business organisational skills seemed like an exciting match and teamwork is our key to success.

My own background and formal studies in business hospitality managment taught me the importance of a sound business plan and financial management to compliment one’s creative potential.

Today, Trupp the Chefs Table hands-on cooking school, has established itself to its full potential, weathering the storm of Covid during which time we focused on Walter’s dream goal of establishing an online presence. Together we are making this happen. If you want to learn about cooking? Go no further and literally Cook with Walter Trupp at cookwithtrupponline.com

And my personal goals? Well, I have learnt to finish one project before starting another, so very soon I hope, my future aspirations in painting and writing -check out my dormant website here www.leapoffaithwellness.com and leaving my own mark will come to light starting with the publication of my third book, Pandoras Box, on the rare topic of regulation for the Industry of psychic practice plus perhaps a movie script or two so watch this space!

Yours truly
Anna Jane -Trupp

Anna and Walter Trupp
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