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Ananas rôti à la vanille caramélisée


This is a traditional dessert, which we share with you in one of our best selling 6-hour hands-on Traditional French cooking classes.

This dessert is easy to prepare, satisfying your desire for sweetness but also delivering good nutrition;
Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and an enzyme called Bromelain. This enzyme is often used to treat muscle injuries. As a digestive aid and it helps to break down proteins. Bromelain is also a natural anticoagulant that works by breaking down the blood-clotting protein fibrin.

Having some pineapple every now and then is a healthy treat, and when you decide to have it, you may as well prepare it in style!

Enjoy !

Recipe For Ananas Rôti À La Vanille Caramélisée:

4-6 serves

1 large pine apple slightly over ripe
3 vanilla beans

125 gm sugar
1 vanilla bean
1 tablespoon finely grated ginger
3 pimentos
50gm-mashed banana
5-table spoon of brandy
220ml of water

Heat a stainless steel pan, sprinkle the sugar into it and let it melt to a light brown caramel.
Add the water, ginger and pimentos.
Split the vanilla bean in half and add to the syrup and bring the whole mixture to the boil for five minutes, set it aside.
Add the banana and the brandy.
Heat your oven to 220 degrees.
Peel the pineapple thoroughly.
With a thin blade poke several holes into the pineapple. Split the vanilla beans lengthwise into half and spike them into the pineapple so it looks like a hedgehog.
Place the pineapple into a baking tray.
Pour the syrup over and place into the baking tray and bake in the oven.
Every ten minutes or so keep glazing the pineapple with the syrup and bake it for approx. I hour or until all the syrup is absorbed by the pine apple and the fruit is cooked through.
Note: serve with vanilla or five spice ice cream.

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Trupp the Chefs Table | Ananas rôti à la vanille caramélisée